Thursday, September 15, 2011

xkcd Totally Supports My Sock Plan

xkcd has some useful perspective for people (ahem--no one I personally know) who reflexively seek out the money-saving options in life.

xkcd, Creative Commons license.

I did consider the value of my time before concluding it's not worth it to me to darn my socks, even though I could save a few cents by getting a little more use out of them before I eventually have to buy more.

On the contrary, folding the top down over the heel, as I propose, takes mere seconds, much less than would be involved in any form of sock-shopping. This is why it's brilliant.

All that's sacrificed is any kind of style around the ankle region, but to be honest, this has never been an area of vanity for me.

If I can extend the useful life of each pair of socks by just a few days, delaying the purchase of new ones, it will eventually add up to fewer total socks purchased in the course of my life, thus less time spent purchasing socks, and thus more time to read internet comics.

You can't argue with that logic. Because I forbid it.

I don't think anyone would argue that more time for internet comics is not a glorious win. For me, but also for the ideals of right and goodness in the universe at large.

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