Friday, September 23, 2011

Novelty! Again

I've never dyed my hair, but reading this Slate piece about the repeated surging and fading of pink as a popular hair color, suddenly I'm tempted.

The common wisdom is (or at least it was when I was young) that redheads shouldn't wear pink, but I think that's supposed to be because it clashes with the shade of the hair. Surely if you just turn the hair itself pink, there's no concern.

Redheads tend to be pale and pinkish of skin tone anyway, so pinkness of hair should go very nicely. As long as it doesn't all blur together. Flesh-colored hair, on a pinkish-fleshed person, isn't an especially pretty mental picture. A sort of interesting one, I guess.

But the right shade of pink...that could really liven things up at work. Finally cement my reputation as someone on the cutting edge of style.

In which case I'd better not do it, that would just be disorienting.

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