Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ancient Humor

So Don't Ask Don't Tell is now gone, and the profound thought I had is:

Will we still be able to laugh at the scene in The Simpsons when Homer's trying to join the military, and there's a question on the form that's been crossed out, but he of course reads through the ink and says cheerfully "But I'm not a homosexual!" and the recruiter has his hands over his ears and is singing "Lalala, I am not listening!"

Or will it no longer make sense, and we'll just yawn and look away?

Hahahaha! Yes, still funny. I sometimes quote that singsong "lalala, I am not listening!" line when I'm trying not to hear something.

I think the absurdity of it, as a historical artifact, will continue to entertain.

And that's a relief. I need to have some constants in my life.

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