Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain Gear

There's just something about a full-size umbrella, with a classic curved handle and a spire on top.

It's bulky and awkward, yes, and if you have long arms you can't just carry it around by the handle when it's closed because it will drag on the ground. It doesn't fold up into a tidy little handful or fit into your bag.

On the other hand, you can stroll along, swinging it from side to side in a jaunty manner, and it has a certain style.

Also, you can poke people with it to fend off unwanted handshakes, and you can't underestimate the potential usefulness of that.


Andrea said...

You forgot to mention that it actually keeps you from getting wet. Whereas my purse umbrella only really keeps my head and shoulders from getting wet.

A'Llyn said...

Oh, well, if you want to talk about using something for its intended purpose...seems a little odd, but OK, why not? :)