Saturday, September 10, 2011

Game Night in the Lair

Since none of my legions of devoted followers will deign to live close enough to me to come over and play board games of an evening, my gracious spouse and I decided to try playing Arkham Horror with just the two of us.

This game is awesome, so you should come over and play, but it is also pretty hard to win. I've already been in the Asylum four times after facing horrors too awful to describe, and the Ancient One is going to awaken any minute now.

A fun thing about Arkham Horror is that you're not competing with your fellow player(s); you're both competing with hordes of monsters, cultists, and random gangs of thugs in an attempt to stop an ancient evil from rising and consuming the entire town, so it's a cooperative twist on the board game idea that is a bit different. You all win or lose together.

At the moment, we're clinging to life and sanity by a thread. It doesn't look good. On the other hand, I still have my trusty tommy gun, and if there's one quality you look for in a barely-sane gangster, it's a good relationship with a reliable tommy gun.

Wish us luck.

As feared, our scrappy two-person team of gangster and stage magician was eventually devoured by a horror from another world. It was close, though! We were within a single turn of victory when the beast awakened, so it could really have gone either way.

As it turned out, it went the wrong way. But sometimes that happens when you start poking around in mysteries the human mind was not built to comprehend.

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