Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ding Dong!

Slate has an article up asking "Who Killed 3-D?"

It speculates on the possible guilt of:
  1. Greedy theaters charging higher premiums for 3D tickets than customers are willing to pay;
  2. Greedy film studios doing a lousy job of turning regular films into 3D films and hence weakening the value of the novel technology;
  3. Smart customers realizing the novel technology isn't really all that awesome and deciding not to pay for it;
  4. Lousy filmmakers making bad movies and weakening the value of the novel technology because there's nothing worth seeing in it.

My response: I'm just glad it's dead!

Well, it's actually not completely dead, but revenues for 3D movies are apparently declining dramatically compared to the 2D versions of the same movies. That is, more people are going to see the regular versions of something than are choosing to pay extra for 3D.

I know I'm not paying extra. 3D is welcome to die for all I care.

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