Sunday, September 4, 2011

Science in Movies?

I haven't seen Contagion because I haven't heard about any free screenings, and may or may not see it depending on whether or not I do hear about any, because I'm not sure it looks so awesome that I'll have to make the effort of digging out some cash.

Although it will certainly have a huge health connection, which I always like to look for.

However, based on this article in Salon, they actually tried to make it a scientifically plausible depiction of a disease outbreak, and to present public health work realistically, so that's cool. Yay science and public health!

The piece is an interview with Dr. Ian Lipkin, who was a consultant on the film, and it's interesting to get his perspective on the work of moviemaking.

It's not a warning film for students about the dangers of crossing librarians, but I suppose some hard work still went into it.

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