Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lighting is Everything

This evening's free entertainment was Blue Man Group. This is not a movie, but it's a pretty fun stage show. Visually interesting, humorous, gooey. I enjoyed it.

I was impressed at how cool stuff like PVC pipe and paper towels can look when interestingly lit and deployed. Art! It's amazing!

Also, why are strobe lights so freakin' awesome? To people not prone to seizures, that is. I know there are many people for whom strobe lights are not awesome at all, and I'm sorry.

But I tend to find them ridiculously fun. I think it's because they chop your vision up into slices, and then your brain has to jump to put the slices together, and it's like solving a tiny puzzle every time you see something. And since solving puzzles is cool, fun results.

That's my theory.

So my sympathies to those who can't enjoy them, but I think I want a strobe light in my bathroom. It would make brushing my teeth so much more exciting.

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