Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Don't I Write You?

Interesting article on the future of the post office, which is desperately short on money and not getting a lot of business.

People just aren't sending mail the way they used to.

It's kind of sad, seeing an institution that's always been part of the way you do business in the world foundering. Sort of the way it's sad to see what's happening to newspapers.

It's the local newspaper! It's the post office! What the heck? How can that not be a major part of town? And yet, more and more I guess it's not.

How would we manage without it? What would our letter-and-package-sending life look like?
I guess we're figuring out ways to manage.

I have fondness for the post office, but I can't send enough mail to keep it alive. I dunno.

Things change, even when it's kind of unnerving.

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