Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whine Whine

Don't you hate it when you're supposed to go to a friend's wedding celebration this weekend, but you lost the invitation, so you can neither remember nor find out when you're supposed to show up?

At least we have Facebook. The information is probably on there somewhere.

Don't you also hate it when you get a coupon for some product you wouldn't mind trying, but then you find out it doesn't exist?

I got this coupon for almond milk, and figured what the heck, I enjoy a non-dairy beverage from time to time, I'll give this particular brand and product a shot.

Then at the store, on looking more closely, I find that the coupon is for $1 off 86 ounces of almond milk. What kind of bizarrely sized container is that?

A half gallon is 64 ounces, and that is the largest container of this product that I could see on the shelf. Am I supposed to get a half gallon and then add a 22-ounce container and buy them together? Because I didn't see any 22-ounce containers either.

Look, company: if you want me to be enticed by your coupons into buying your product, you're going to have to actually sell the thing you give me a coupon for. Otherwise I'll just walk away and complain about it later to the internet.

I'm not sure Facebook can help out with this one...although the brand may have a page that I could go complain on. I should check.

Perhaps Facebook is indeed the solution to all problems!


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