Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Go Make Me a Sandwich has a guest post offering a nice introduction to internet anonymity (crucial tip: be extremely paranoid).

It mentions metadata! Not the sort librarians apply to records, though. The type that software and gadgets automatically add to your documents and photographs (autometadata?). The post notes that metadata is not necessarily bad, but can be trouble in the wrong situation:
Pictures, for example, store all kinds of juicy things as EXIF data, including in the case of some phones and cameras, geolocation. Office documents, pdfs, spreadsheets; all sorts of things can hold data that can identify you. This junk is called Metadata. Not a big deal (it can even be personally useful) until you’re posting information, say, about unethical practices about your boss on your anonymous blog and your employer uses metadata from a posted .docx file to find out it was you. Oops. Now you’re fired. Or worse.
Again, this is not librarian metadata, but I'm all for spreading awareness of metadata in general, so cheers to the mention that, if you're not worried about anonymity, it can be useful.

Yes! Use it to organize and manage your data!

Also, be paranoid. Besides the metadata note, which yeah is probably not the interesting part to anyone but me, there are helpful tips on passwords, anonymous browsing, thoroughly erasing files, and more.

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