Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hand it Over, Potato Beetle

Thus Spake Zuska has an interesting post about a conversation with a farmer at a farmer's market. It highlights what hard work farming is, and made me think about some of the choices we have to make, or that we make perhaps without even thinking about them.

For example, do we want perfectly organic veggies that have never been touched by pesticides, or do we want veggies that have not been gnawed on by bugs?

Do we want food that takes a lot of effort to grow, and therefore costs more, or do we want food that's produced largely mechanically and is cheap?

I like cheap! I like perfect-looking, bug-free produce! I also recognize that a few bug nibbles won't hurt me, and that people who do the hard work of producing food should be fairly compensated for it.

Food is one of those things that's kind of just always there (if you're fortunate), you eat all the time and you're always getting and preparing and consuming food, but as soon as you start to think about it even a little it becomes very interestingly complicated.

Fraught, even. You don't not have an opinion about it, if you stop to think.

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