Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just a Tiny Speck of Awful

So there was this tiny adorable earthquake on the east coast this week, right? Livened up everyone's afternoon. Startling but harmless. Good times.

I was busy playing Talisman that night, so I didn't bother to write anything about it at the time.

Yes, it's all fun and games unless you live somewhere where it actually did damage. This Ain't Livin' has a guest post from someone in Virginia who reports that it wasn't actually all that tiny and adorable if you were right on top of it.

No one was killed, thankfully, but buildings were damaged to the point that they had to be condemned, which is bound to be inconvenient if you lived in or worked in or had occasion to visit those buildings.

The post suggests that no one is paying attention to the damage that was done in small towns because the damage that wasn't done in big cities is a better story. And certainly disasters in big cities tend to be worse in terms of numbers than disasters in small towns because there are more people around to get hurt, so the fact that there was no disaster in any big city is good news.

It's too bad if that means we can't notice that things happen outside of big cities, though.

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