Saturday, August 6, 2011

On This Quite Other Hand

Reports From a Resident Alien has a fascinating post on what neurotypical people (NTs) are like, from the point of view of a neuroatypical person.

It looks at the "natural social focus" and "big picture" vision of a person with more typical brain wiring, comparing it to the way the author, who is autistic, relates to others and perceives the world.

In the way that it's interesting to read a guidebook to your own city or country, to see what the place you know looks like to someone from outside it, it's interesting to me to read this perspective on a more "factory standard" neural setup, and how it looks to someone with a different one.

I suppose my finding this interesting kind of proves the author's point, that "For NTs, a lot of the value they get out of life has to do with what other people think of them."

Why yes, I do like to know what others think of me! Do go on telling me about myself.

It's kind of wonderful that there are such different ways to approach the basic work of being a human.


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