Monday, August 22, 2011

Brandish Once Again the Needles of Victory!

The time has come for another grand Knitting Saga! Another sister is going to be married, so I have dug up my needles and ordered a pile of worsted weight yarn. Many 9x9-inch squares shall be crafted ere this tale is done.

I initially feared I would have to buy new knitting needles as well as piles of yarn, because when I went looking for them I could neither find them nor really think where I would have been likely to have put them.

I found a number of interesting things, however, including:

  • Several tiny bottles of shampoo and lotion from various hotels
  • A tiny bottle of scotch from somewhere
  • A set of false eyelashes
  • About 6 bags from various convention booths
  • A book I got 1/3 of the way into six months ago but never finished
  • A specially designed spoon to aid in pouring Guinness over pale ale to make a Black and Tan
  • A sunglasses holder made to resemble a cicada that clips to your car visor and says Tuscaloosa
  • Large quantities of old Library Journals
  • An eyeliner pencil
  • One of those tiny plastic swords that come in fruit-flavored drinks
  • The knitting needles! Right where I left them, on the table under a pile of scrap paper 

I should probably tidy up around here. Unfortunately, I will soon be too busy knitting to worry about trifling concerns like that.

I plan to store my finished squares in a pile on the table, on top of the scrap paper.

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