Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, Goody!

New security procedures at Logan airport. We're always so lucky! Among the first to get the much-beloved body scanners, and now pioneering a program in which

...TSA officers will speak with every passenger passing through the Terminal A security checkpoint, asking each two or three questions, such as “Where are you traveling today?’’ or “How long have you been in town?’’

This is with an eye to seeing whether or not people look unusually twitchy and nervous, or say "oh, I'm just here to blow up a building--oops!"

Apparently they're trying it out for two months to see...I don't know. How much people love it? How many people confess?

And if it doesn't produce awesome results, I'm sure it will nevertheless be continued if someone thinks it's cool enough.

I seriously hate airport security. I mean, love! 

Love, and appreciate how much it does to keep us all safe through the process of continually making flying as unpleasant as possible.

I can't wait for my flight on Friday.

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