Sunday, May 8, 2011

Updating Tests

This isn't something I personally am going to have to care very much about, but I'm sure the revision of the MCAT will be of considerable interest to many of the students we see.

Either through having recently taken it or, in the case of the pre-med graduate students, in a preparatory sense, it will likely be a vivid specter in their minds.

Apparently the new design is supposed to try to assess "personal and professional characteristics" as well as the ability to succeed in medical school. As this post in the New York Times' Well blog says,

The new exam would also test analytical and reasoning skills in areas like ethics, philosophy and cross-cultural studies, which could include questions about how someone living in a particular demographic situation, for example, might perceive and interact with others.

I'd say we'll have to buy a whole new set of test-prep books, but we mostly have test-prep books for the board exams. The students who need them must get MCAT books somewhere else.

Also, we buy new sets of our test-prep books all the time anyway. No one wants to prepare for the boards with a 15-year-old book.

Well...I can't speak for everyone, so it's possibly someone does want to, but I don't know why.


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