Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dancing With Security

Having been burned once, when I obediently went through the backscatter body scanner and then got patted down anyway for some unspecified reason, I've taken to just refusing the scan.

I mean, if I'm going to get the pat-down, I may as well not also get the extra radiation, right? (I once read this described as "no more radiation than a chest x-ray," which I think is not a very reassuring comparison since as far as I know it's not normally recommended that you get chest x-rays multiple times per year. The "as much radiation as two minutes in an airplane" comparison is much more soothing.)

Anyway, who doesn't like being touched by strangers in a stylized, formal context in public, to serve some larger theatrical purpose? I was thinking of taking up ballroom dancing, but air travel fills the bill without the need to be careful about stepping on people's feet.

In closing, thanks for the free WiFi, Logan. The MLA 2011 Adventure is about to begin!


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erinserb said...

maybe they ought to make airport security a "scripted" tv show; think of all the anxious and hungry writers that would line up for that show