Saturday, May 14, 2011

Off I Go

Good people, I must leave you for another blog. The MLA '11 Official Blog calls me! It will most likely demand the majority of my blogular attention for the next several days.

Check it out for medical librarian meeting goodness--there are already some excellent posts.

In the meantime, if you are interested in e-textbooks, I direct you to Rough Type, which reports on a study showing that "Students find the devices cumbersome to use, ill-suited to their study routines, and generally underwhelming."

There's some interesting discussion of the ways we use books, some of which can be approximated electronically (margin notes, bookmarks), and some of which cannot (that sense you get of just where in a book the passage you're looking for is to be found...about halfway through, in the middle of the page on the right hand side).

Paper books. A technology whose time has not yet passed?


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erinserb said...

good luck at MLA and hope it's a great show! :-)