Friday, May 6, 2011

Enh...I'd Have to Move For That...

I have just decided that hassle avoidance is one of the strongest forces in nature.

This is not doing stuff you should do, not because it's hard, really, or a challenge, or even particularly time-consuming, but just because, bah, it's a hassle.

This came to me this afternoon when I reflected that I used to work out of the Shared drive at work, saving all my documents to a folder on the server where they would be protected.

You must understand that my work computer is a laptop, and normally I sign into our resources via the awesome power of the WiFi. I used to get onto the server that way. Life was good.

Then they changed the system for security reasons, so you can't access the S: drive wirelessly anymore. So now I have to...sigh...pick up an ethernet cable and plug it in to the computer to get access to the server.

And good people, I simply cannot be bothered! So I just save all my important work documents onto the computer hard drive, with no backup, and if disaster were to strike and the computer were to fail or disappear, they would all be gone.

Because I can't muster up the energy to connect to the internet with a cable.

It's not even plugging in the cable that deters me, though, it's the fact that when the computer switches from a wireless connection to the cable connection, it loses touch with my work email, so I have to sign in again. And my password is really long.

I know, right? The pain! The indignity! The hassle! If there were any justice in this world, such an inconvenience would be prohibited by law.


Using myself as a representative human, I would say that this is one of the reasons people never live up to their potential.


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