Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shuffling Through

Do you sometimes have those days where you have an event offsite first thing in the morning, and then it takes an hour to get to the office, and by the time you get there all you can manage to do is answer a few emails and call it a day (because, not having a smartphone, you were obviously not able to answer any emails while traveling)?

Some days my productivity is less immediately evident than others.

On the plus side, bagels at the Ebooks and ILL Symposium at Brandeis University!

The symposium was also interesting. Representatives from JSTOR, Springer, Project Muse, and Oxford University Press talked about their interlibrary loan policies for ebooks.

The short version: chapters are OK, whole books are not really because they don't have the technology in place to make them 'time out' and ensure that what's offered really is short term access equivalent to 'lending' rather than just giving the ebook to anyone who asks for it.

These technological issues were also discussed, though there seem to be far more questions than answers. Why can't we 'time out' books, maybe by providing access through limited-time links or file sharing? Why do ILL folks have to print out and scan chapters (or articles) instead of just being able to email directly?

Somebody needs to work on an e-resource ILL app!


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