Monday, August 2, 2010

Video! Video!

Stephen's Lighthouse passes on the news that Netflix will finally be providing its rental-movie goodness in Canada, but, in what might be a sign of the future of rental-movie goodness, only in download format. No DVDs by mail in north North America.

Is the end of Zombie Shakespeare? I mean, DVDs?

I must say that ever since we achieved the magical combination of PS3 and Netflix streaming video right to the TV, we have watched a lot fewer DVDs. Our streaming options are limited at the moment only by the fact that Netflix's own streaming options are limited.

Some things we must still request in physical form if we want to see them.

And a lot of what is available to stream is kind of bad. Still, it's entertaining to flip through the many choices. It's like having a bunch of bad cable channels!

For someone who's had nothing but basic cable for years, this is exciting stuff.


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