Friday, August 27, 2010

News of the Day

Two exciting stories grabbed my attention today.

One is this terrifying report of a study from Car and Driver, where they had people drive while texting, and then again after drinking to legal intoxication. They found that (spoiler!) both texting and being drunk are bad for your driving as measured by reaction time, but that texting is really, profoundly, alarmingly bad.

GruntDoc tipped me off to this important info. Don't text and drive, everyone!

The second, which appealed immediately to my sense of word love, is from The Health Care Blog and addresses a question that has occasionally plagued me: is the proper term "health care" or "healthcare"?

A clue may perhaps be seen in the way the reporting blog is titled, but basically, it's kind of a free for all. There's a strong grammatical argument for making it two words, as the AP style guide dictates, but really health care, healthcare, whatever. We know what you meant.


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