Monday, August 23, 2010

Awww...Movie Review: Flipped

Tonight's free movie was arranged by Grace Hill Media, which aims to support family friendly media. The movie was Flipped, and my, was it ever wholesome!

Which is not a bad thing, if you can stand to spend an hour and a half watching something that has no nudity or explosions and only a couple of bad words. I know, it's tough.

It's basically a love story, but a very innocent one, both because the leads are 12 years old, and because it's set mostly in I think 1964. It's the 1960s as the cultural childhood of the U.S., with adorable actual children as well! It's filmed with this sort of soft gloss, the way the vintage ads from the time period look now, and has lovely scenes of classic cars and outfits.

It also has a pretty cute story and good performances. Sweet, but it mostly avoids being saccharine. Wholesome messages about caring for family, not suppressing your dreams because it will make you bitter and horrible, having spirit, sticking up for yourself and what (and who) matters to you.

Heck, friendly families need to watch something, right? They could do worse than this.


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