Friday, August 6, 2010

Go Ahead, Shave Those Eyebrows

GruntDoc asks a question that will surely be of deep interest to all eyebrow-possessing persons: is it true that if you shave off an eyebrow, it will never grow back?

Or is that an Emergency Medicine myth?

Commenters seem to concur that it's mostly a myth, pointing out that lots of people pluck their eyebrows on a regular basis and wouldn't need to do so if hair, once removed, never grew back.

I have no input into emergency medicine, but do recall being told, as a child, that if you plucked your eyebrows they would eventually not grow back. This was given as the explanation of why some of my great aunts had to draw theirs on with pencil.

So maybe eyebrow removal can become permanent after long periods of time, as you get older and hair gets thinner anyway. But apparently we need not worry about shaving them off occasionally.

Good thing, because that was at the top of my weekend to-do list. Shave them off, and draw them back on really close to my eyes, so I look stern and forbidding.

That'll cut down on the questions at the reference desk and leave me more time to assign call numbers.


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brian said...

i don't know - seems as I grow older (an old fart at heart :-) they get thicker. You know its bad when your barber doesn't need to be asked to trim them

Such pondering thoughts for today