Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get It On Record

I loved this moment of librarian geekiness from Anna at Future Feminist Librarian Activist, relating how she was looking at the Library of Congress Authorities one day (as one does) and looked up her own grandfather, who was there.

Nice! It must be interesting to see a name you know well from personal contexts listed in this very formal LC style for the whole world to see and copy into its catalog records.

I don't have any relatives in the LC Authorities as far as I know, but we do put some of our graduate and PhD theses in the collection, so I've come across a few names in the catalog and thought "hey, I remember that student!"

It may be sort of the same thing. A kind of putting together of pieces, something you know in one context, someone you know in another. Almost like getting a joke, in a way, though not with the funny haha aspect.

A little mental snap, things coming together to look a bit different.

Some of those students may well go on to be listed in the LC Authority Files, too. They're not related to me, though, so heck with 'em.

It's up to me to get an authority record in the LC files to bring honor to my family name!

Great, pressure.

I have also looked up my own last name in PubMed, and there are some of us in there, though again, none related to me as far as I know. But at least whoever those people are, they've got us covered so I don't have to worry about writing up a medical research project.


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