Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Internet Freedom Ahoy

I had company over the weekend, so I've been super lazy about updating. Sorry, legions.

However, I note the SOPA Strike/SOPA Blackout (that's two different sites with helpful code) planned for tomorrow, with sites large and small (the SOPA Strike link has a list of confirmed participants) planning blackouts in protest of SOPA and PIPA.

At the moment it's looking encouragingly as if these bills have been set aside for now--but that doesn't mean we should get all complacent, since they could come slinking in again once our backs our turned.

Because bills are essentially the same as rats.

Anyway, I'm doubtful that this particular site will make a big impact, but far be it from me not to take an opportunity to black it out. Solidarity!

If you have a blog and are interested in participating, GeneaBloggers has a nice list of instructions on how to blackout blogs using the Blogger and Wordpress platforms.

And if you can't decide whether or not this is actually something you oppose, Danah Boyd has a nice explanation of why a lot of people are unhappy with SOPA/PIPA on Apophenia.


annajcook said...

Thanks for the Genea link! Hanna and I couldn't find any scripts earlier today for Blogger, so this was a godsend!

A'Llyn said...

Sweet! Glad it helped...I was also psyched at this further evidence of how widespread the protest is. I don't normally read genealogy blogs, but we're all in this together.