Saturday, April 9, 2011

When Nerds Party

I was out at a bar with a bunch of other people last night. Over the course of many scintillating hours, the following topics were discussed:

Whether there's any point in having a landline anymore
Technique vs. craftmanship in art
Whether art is possible in programming
The spooky aspects of math
Star Wars v. Star Trek
Star Trek series vs. each other
Harry Potter vs. His Dark Materials
Logic problems involving gnomes and mischievous toddlers
Who played the princess in Conan the Barbarian
Whether the Silmarillion is worth reading

It was awesome. I'm only sorry I didn't manage to bring the conversation around to Medication Subject Headings.


1 comment:

erinserb said...

how come no banter about MESH headings? It's even more esoteric than all those other mundane topics combined :-)