Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fail Away, Everyone

I like this post from Isis the Scientist, stating that she believes 'impostor syndrome' is a scam.

Not because people don't sometimes feel unqualified for something, but because, as she says,

Here's the problem with Imposter Syndrome. Having Imposter Syndrome means that others believe that you are super great, but that you believe you are fooling everyone - that you will not be succesful. But, this implies that if you fail, then you truly are an imposter.

And the problem with that is, sometimes we fail! Not everything works.

Which doesn't mean we should instantly retreat into a pit of shame and never show ourselves in public again.

It means you try again, or try with a different computer, or try something else entirely.

This is a good reminder that failing sometimes is just something that happens, not a sign that you're an impostor and a complete waste of human potential.


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