Thursday, April 21, 2011

Check Out This Great Idea!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love going to the public library website, searching for a title, saying "hold this for me" and having it delivered to the branch nearest me?

I really love this!

I'll read a review of some book that seems interesting, but that I can't really tell if I'd like enough to own, and I can borrow a copy and read it! And then I give it back, and someone else can read it!

Meanwhile, I'm already reading something else, because there is a huge supply of titles available!

You have got to get in on this public library thing. It is truly awesome.

To my government: Please continue to use my tax dollars to support this concept. Thank you.



brian said...

ah yes, what a novel thing - the public library; I do the same thing, new book, look up on Amazon, too expensive, go to public library site and have it delivered to my branch 7 blocks away - long live public libraries :-)

brian said...

wish me luck, I have interview at our main public county library as a Reference Librarian, finger's crossed on Wednesday :-)

A'Llyn said...

Exciting news! Good luck!