Monday, April 4, 2011

Speaking of Video Games...

Enjoy this post on IGN about the complexities of choosing to play nice characters over nasty ones.

I myself chronically play nice characters. Always trying to keep everyone (on my side) happy and give them what they want. Helping out the downtrodden. Sometimes not even charging them for it!

Of course, niceness can be relative. All those mercenaries and bandits and darkspawn and plasmid-crazed splicers I've killed horribly over the years would probably argue with the definition. Not that anyone ever asks them.

Also, the constant pillaging of the dead that's a feature of pretty much every game where you fight things isn't exactly considered heroic or socially acceptable behavior in most cases.

Still, you have to get stuff somehow.

As I like to say, I didn't get rich by not looting a lot of corpses.


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