Sunday, April 24, 2011

To Accumulate Or Not To Accumulate?

Does anyone need an old PC laptop? Does anyone think I need an old PC laptop?

I have a Mac as my main computer, and don't see much call for a PC unless it's one that can play exciting video games, but a friend has offered me one.

I'm always kind of tempted to take stuff that's offered to me, in case it might come in handy someday, because you never know. You never know, everyone.

On the other hand, I'm perilously close to having too much stuff for this apartment already, and I do have a PC laptop as my work computer in case I really need one for something in the near future, so I should probably just pass on this.

I do kind of have too much stuff for this apartment. I should either do a major weed of my possessions, or move to a bigger place.

I'm not sure which of those options sounds more horrible, since I dislike both sorting/discarding possessions and moving.



jtfburgess said...

Consider loading xbox media center and using it as a media server. :-)

A'Llyn said...

We have a PS3...but if Xbox media center would sort through my clutter for me, I'd consider switching devices.