Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My NCBI Redesign

PubMed has revealed a long-promised redesign of My NCBI, the super-delightful search-saving, citation-organizing, source-sharing, bibliography-compiling tool whose praises I am always singing. (Listen hard, you'll hear my tuneless warbling in the distance.)

It looks very...clean. I like how all the major components--saved searches, collections, filters, bibliography, recent activity and a handy-dandy search bar to run queries directly from My NCBI--are all right there on one page.

I don't notice any missing or significantly altered functionality, so at least based on a first look, this is pretty much an aesthetic redesign rather than a change in how the tool works.

I also like that you can customize the page so that various things will or will not show up there. This is a very nice, interactive touch that makes the site feel contemporary and modern and hip to what the kids these days like to do online.

It's like customizing what shows up on your blog page!

Although My NCBI does not appear to offer the option to show your Twitter feed.

It's traded the pastel tones of the last redesign for a spare blue and white layout. I was OK with the pastels, but this does come across as a little more professional.

Observe a tiny screen cap:

I think I can get behind it. Rock on, NCBI.


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