Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trials of the Age

I have recently discovered that my phone will send, but has apparently decided to no longer receive, text messages.

This is not an ideal situation, since I sometimes like to get responses to the messages I send, or perhaps be alerted to important news via incoming messages from friends and family. For example, people getting new jobs, or moving, or visiting interesting museums.

In other ways, the phone seems functional enough, but I send a lot more text messages than I make phone calls, so it's kind of dead to me if this problem cannot be solved. The internet informs me that others have had this problem with my phone company, so I suppose at least it's not a unique issue that has never before been seen.

The internet is unclear on whether it can be fixed, although it suggests resetting the phone, which will erase all previous saved information.

Including contacts. Siiiiigh. Copying and re-entering my contacts list. Just the rewarding project I was looking for.


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