Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paying Up

I have sent in my federal taxes. Now to wait anxiously and see if the IRS accepts the e-filed return.

I was drinking some wine while I did the final data entry here, so I was more relaxed than if I'd merely been wired on caffeine or something. We'll see if I was as accurate.

I am fairly pleased by the MassDOR online filing system, which is not as clunky as the Free File Fillable Forms (even the name is clunky), but I'm waiting until I hear from the IRS before I complete the state return.

I should owe some money to the federal government, and get somewhat less back from the state. I'm not sure why it works out that way. Maybe because the state lets me deduct (a portion of) rent and commuting costs.

Anyway, time to eat some celebratory ice cream.


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