Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sitting on the Edge of Medical Education

One of the interesting things we get to do at my job lately is sit in on class sessions with the medical students in their Integrated Problems groups.

This is a course where the group gets a case involving a hypothetical patient with some set of symptoms, and they get a bit of information about the case and then think of things they might do to learn more, and do some research on that, and then get a bit more information, and so forth.

They have an Evidence Based Medicine component to go over, so we've been popping in as visiting librarians to be around in case students have questions about how to formulate a clinical question using PICO, or access full text articles from the library website, or whatever.

It's pretty interesting to see the different approaches that groups take. Recently we've been working with the first year students, so their medical vocabulary is not yet that far beyond mine and I can pretty much understand what they're talking about.

In the second year they're tossing acronyms around and bringing more accumulated knowledge to bear, and I tend to follow less of the discussion. Which is as it should be. They're the ones who are going to be doctors.

I can still find you some articles about whatever that thing is that you're talking about, though!

I do like having the chance to see different parts of the broader institutional environment that the library fits into. What interesting things are other people doing around here?

Many interesting things, it usually turns out.


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