Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is...Like It!

Now this is just the sort of thing I need, as an official MLA Section Blogger! It's the Dental Section's lovely wiki, which currently features a list of their MLA programming right on the front page.

It's like a personal invitation just for me, to go and report on their events.

Or, more truthfully, it's like a personal invitation for anyone at MLA, but I'd rather feel special.

Anyway, you can be assured that I will be taking my responsibilities seriously and making every effort to attend at least one or two of their events.

Whether I will actually make it remains to be seen. I retain a vivid memory of last year's failed attempt to locate the restaurant where their dinner was held. I walked around DC for an hour and half or something, and never did find it.

Never underestimate my ability to get horribly lost within six blocks of somewhere. I need GPS implanted in my skull*.

But I am undaunted, and I will try again!

*Some would suggest that a less extreme option would be to simply purchase a GPS device that I could carry around. However, I decline to pay for one unless it can go in my skull. I have my standards, and unless it brings me closer to my cherished dream of becoming a cyborg, it's not worth my hard-earned cash. Getting lost is cheap. Good exercise, too.

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