Thursday, March 31, 2011


We just purchased a lot of online back files for various journal titles. I get these tidy lists of all the titles so I can update our website, catalog, DOCLINE holdings (for interlibrary loan) and WorldCat holdings.

They start out nice and orderly, and then within days I've broken them into various subsets. One list for titles that we hold in print. One list for titles that are only online. One for titles where the backfiles collection extends current holdings, and one for where they represent completely new titles (as will often happen if we get the full run of something that has changed titles one or more times over the years).

Lists for the different floors on which the print version is located.

Before I know it, my desktop is cluttered with versions, each of which may also contain several different sheets, and can I remember which of these documents has what in it? Sometimes.

Then I start to wonder, can I be quite sure that everything from that first list wound up on one of those other lists and was appropriately dealt with? Nah. Embrace the uncertainty, I say.


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