Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here's Your Answer!

You know how you can notice things without really noticing them?

I've had this kind of rough spot on my left index finger for a while now. Every so often I nibble absentmindedly at it, and I vaguely knew it had been that way for a while, but I didn't really think about it or notice that I'd noticed it.

Then, there I was pinning my shoe this afternoon, and I poked my finger with the pin, and in a flash it came upon me, the realization that I've done that before, and that that's exactly the location of that rough spot that I found I had been previously been aware of, yet thought nothing of, and therefore, that this is an ongoing issue and maybe I should use a thimble in future when I work with pins.

In one moment, I both became aware of my own previous knowledge of a tiny mystery, and solved it. The mind is an interesting thing.

And why was I pinning my shoe, you might ask?

Because the velcro is worn out, of course. I fasten my sneakers with safety pins, just like a normal person whose velcro is worn out. Right?

It's certainly easier than finding a new pair that fits.



brian said...

Wow! Even the astronauts couldn't wear out their velcro :-)

A'Llyn said...

This is that newfangled, quieter velcro, with smaller hooks that, it turns out, don't work as well.