Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hang Your Head in Shame!

This is pretty awesome: a colorful chart of The United States of Shame on Pleated Jeans.

It's a nice map of the U.S. showing something in which each state ranks worst. For example, my current state of residence, Massachusetts, is reported to have the "worst drivers."

Explanatory notes give the basis for each shameful fact. In the case of Massachusetts, it's "based on highest rate of auto accidents."

Yeah, well, maybe we just have really bad roads, did you think about that?

Other states in which I have spent considerable amounts of my life include Montana (worst in rates of drunk driving), and New Mexico (cited for being "anti-social," which according to the notes reflects a low ranking in "social heath policies," rather than general unfriendliness).

Anyway, you should check it out and see what your state has to be ashamed of.

I salute Why Evolution is True for pointing this out with the gloriously fitting headline "You suck."


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erinserb said...

Well, that seems to cover the gamut of societal and environmental dregs - Missouri should be considered the puppy mill capital of the country. Lowest cigarette taxes too = bad health and low revenues. As a result of these things, I may take up smoking :-)