Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't Push It, Winter

I know people are not interested in complaints about other peoples' weather, but I have to say, it is a truly disgusting evening in Boston right now.

It was snowing this morning, which is one thing, but then the snow turned to rain, which turned the snow on the ground to slush.

The storm drains are clogged or frozen, so the streets became riddled with ankle-deep puddles of ice cold filthy water, and the sidewalks, if there's not enough of an indent to collect similar puddles, are coated with a thin, thin gloss of nicely slippery ice.

Don't forget that it's still raining, so you can get good and damp that way even if you don't slip on the ice and fall in a puddle.

And of course the slush will freeze solid overnight, so tomorrow it will be like trying to walk over acres of oiled golf balls.

Yes, by gum, this is weather that lets a person know he or she is alive! Right up until he or she freezes to death.


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