Wednesday, January 26, 2011

But What If Someone Wants It?

I frequently run into the sad fact that the books people don't use are in better shape than the ones they do. I have these internal dialogues.

Why weed this text? It's in great shape! Sound binding, clean pages, nothing scuffed or missing.

Only, it's 35 years old and the science of dental implants has perhaps advanced somewhat in the decades since it was published? Also, no one has checked it out since 1994?

I don't care! I am leaving this book on the shelf until it's tattered and worn out and looks like something that should be weeded!

Just kidding. I weed it. But it's unfortunate that the condition and sturdiness of the information inside cannot match the outer package. The information container, and the information itself, should match up. Yet they do not. It torments me.

Meanwhile, the new editions that people consult all the time are falling to pieces. Partly because of paperback, I think--most of the older ones are hardcover, which holds up slightly better. Also, we have a lot more students these days, which means a lot more people looking at books.


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brian said...

and looking a books is a good, it's a great thing!