Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Further Journals on PubMed

I had previously expressed my grudging acceptance of PubMed's new setup, admitting that it had refrained from completely wrecking my entire working life by messing up the journals information (thanks, NLM!).

Well, now I have to suddenly move from grudging acceptance to wholehearted and gleeful embrace of the new 'Journals in the NCBI databases' replacement for the old Journals Database, because guess what they do that they didn't use to do?

Hyperlink to continues and continued by titles! This is one of those simple things I always kind of wanted, but it was never there so I kind of forgot I wanted it.

I got used to just copying the alternate title and pasting it back into the search line, and then if it's a title for which there are several similar titles, to sorting through them to find out which was the correct relation to the original.

It took seconds, I tell you entire seconds out of my life every time I had to do it. And you know those add up.

Now, I can see the related titles in the record and click on them and get to the related journal record. It's revolutionary! So much so that I had to take the seconds I would have spent looking for Emergency Medicine to write this blog post about it.

Now if this would only work in DOCLINE someday...


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