Thursday, September 9, 2010

Woo(yawn)oo!! Sport! (Zzz)

I did not observe any confetti explosions, robots, or things falling into the water, last night, so I have to say I'm feeling pretty disappointed with baseball as a sport.

On the other hand, there was loud music, including the traditional Fenway rendition of Sweet Caroline, and the home team won, and we were out by 10:30. (Yawn.)

I was most impressed by the orderly and efficient manner in which hundreds of people were filtered through the subway station and onto the trains afterwards. It's crowded, all right, and there's a bit of a wait (big lines out the doorway of the station), but they keep things moving steadily.

I've never tried to take the train right after a game, and would generally avoid doing so if possible, but really, if you need to get home after baseball, it works and it beats driving.

Say what you want about it (and it's surely got its issues), but I love the MBTA. I tell people that I will take the train every day for the rest of my life before I drive in Boston on any kind of regular basis.

City traffic is just a mess.

Anyway, I'm still kind of tired from the late night, but it was all good wholesome sportive fun, even without explosive robots in pools. Next time.


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