Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Logic Loses Again

GruntDoc relates the story of a "Humbling Life Moment": narrowly avoiding a panic attack inside an MRI tunnel.

It's interesting to follow the process--GruntDoc has ordered MRIs, seen them, is familiar with them, is rationally completely comfortable with the idea, and yet can't avoid that instinctive "get me out of here right now" reaction to being stuck headfirst in a small, tight space.

Ugh. I'm feeling a little shivery myself just thinking about it. And I'm not even especially claustrophobic.

I've had an MRI, and it was totally fine (relaxing, even), but my head was outside the machine, and I'm sure it feels different if your head is in.

Anyway, I just thought this was a nice reminder of how sometimes being well educated and well prepared doesn't help when you run up against the fidgety parts of your own brain.

Plan ahead all you want, smarty-pants. Your secretive, untrustworthy brain does its own thing.

In a wily move to hinder the brain's tricks, GruntDoc reveals his plan for the next attempt: sedatives.

Your secretive, untrustworthy brain can only do so much if you drug it halfway to insensibility. It's a good plan, and I like the sound of it.


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