Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Do Stuff Already

I love the enthusiasm in this post on What About Our Daughters, about going back to school after ten years to pursue a passion. I especially like the reminder of why now is often a good time to do this kind of thing:

Maybe you INTEND to do something when conditions are perfect... Well that ain't ever gonna happen. You can't INTEND to live life. You are either living the life of your dreams or you're not. Period. In the same way, intentions are relatively worthless without action.

It's a good reminder that putting things off until some future time when you'll totally get them done because you'll have all this time and energy that you just don't right now...will often just mean you never actually do those things.

For me (as for many), this is a sharp reminder of how I'm totally always planning to someday write some fiction again, and then I just never actually get around to doing it.

Reminder National Novel Writing Month? Yeah, I did that. Then I closed the document and moved on to...basically no other writing projects.

So the advice is, if you have a dream of writing poetry or going back to school or something, maybe you should just do it now. Because now is probably not exactly the right time, but later probably never will be either.

There's no good time. There's just now. So if you want to do it, just do it.


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