Thursday, September 2, 2010

Storms Ahead

Rumor has it that Hurricane Earl, currently heading in the general direction of 'along the East Coast' may sideswipe or even hit Massachusetts. There's a hurricane warning on for Westport and points east, including Cape Cod, with a tropical storm warning for points east up to Maine.

Not just Maine: Eastport, Maine. That's like the east-est port you can get in the United States! And I've been there. Because that's how much I (and my friend who took me there) rock. A lot.

Additional storm warnings address North Carolina Virgina, New York, south of Massachusetts, and New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, so I don't want to say we're the only ones who have reason to take notice.

Oh, National Weather Service, what would we do without your tireless updates?

My last hurricane, and indeed my only prior hurricane experience, was Dean in Jamaica in 2007. I waited out that one in the U.S. embassy in Kingston, holed up with the Peace Corps volunteers serving there. It was a memorable vacation.

Hiding out with the Peace Corps will probably not be an option should Earl come through the greater Boston area, but with any luck we at least won't be freezing cold (the Embassy was seriously air conditioned).


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