Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wooo! Sport!

I'm supposed to go to a baseball game tomorrow.

This has little to do with health, technology, or libraries, but maybe I'll witness some horrifying injuries, recognize them based on similarities to a recent PubMed search and post about them on Twitter. Or something.

Not that I'm rooting for that, of course.

Not the way I always root for golf balls to go into the water, for no better reason than that I like to watch things splash, and am terribly bored by golf. In addition to splashes, other things that would pique my interest might be golf balls that occasionally exploded into showers of confetti, sprouted robot legs and ran away from the club, or released dramatic and ominous musical chords.

Look, I'm not that hard to please, OK? Just give me a sport with robots, explosions, loud musical noises and things falling into the water, and I'm good.

I don't know how well baseball is going to fit this picture, but if history is any guide there will at least be loud music, so we'll see.


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