Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Failing to Learn From History

Every year, I get stuffy and develop a scratchy throat and think "I must be coming down with a cold."

And then the symptoms fail to progress in a cold-like fashion, and I realize I'm actually just allergic to something. The itchy eyes usually give it away.

My point it, it's been years now that I've had seasonal allergies, and still every fall when they kick in I assume I'm getting a cold. Must I therefore conclude that I am not a fast learner?

The thing is, there's a lot of time in between episodes, and also there have been many times in my life when stuffiness and a scratchy throat did herald a cold, so it's possible I'm just not a fast un-learner, since I need to edit a previously-learned response template rather than pick up a new lesson from scratch.

Nevertheless, you know what they say about not learning from history.

Yes: that you will continue to be plagued by allergies. Also, you should have some tea.


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