Friday, September 17, 2010

The Eventual Result of Healthy Living

Everyone enjoys a good prediction about their own death, right?

Well, I guess a good prediction, as in, an actionable one, would tell you something specific about the time and manner of your death so that you could prepare (all you need to know: man-eating anteaters).

But this good-humored Death Clock runs a little calculation based on a few simple factors (date of birth, body mass index, sex, country of residence and whether or not you smoke) and predicts a date for you. I could hardly be expected to resist, could I?

Check it out:

My Death Clock Calculation

So now at least I know when the man-eating anteaters are going to get me. Since it's a Monday, I'll be able to take some comfort in the fact that at least I didn't have to make it through another week.

I assume it's based on average life expectancy tables for various countries, and it could be interesting to compare how long you might live in the U.S. to how long in Canada and so forth, but then again, you could look that stuff up elsewhere more easily.

The real hook here is that this pretends to be personalized. Seriously, make anything that gives a result based partly on personal information, and someone will think it's worth doing.

I blame Dangerous Intersection for thinking it was worth doing before I did.


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